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100% linen trousers

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Slim fit. Sustainable cotton fabric. 3-ply fabric with greater durability made by the Kurabo fabric company. Garment dye. Loops. Zip and one button fastening. Two side pockets. Two welt pockets on the back. Coin pocket.

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We are working to reduce the impact of garment manufacturing on the planet. Growing sustainable cotton restricts the use of chemical products. It also saves water, energy and keeps farming land clean.

The garments labelled as Committed are products that have been produced using sustainable fibres or processes, reducing their environmental impact. Our goal is to support the implementation of practices more committed to the environment, and therefore increase the number of sustainable garments in the collection.

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  1. Erik Maurer

    I bought these as hiking trousers as linen is tough, quick-drying, breathable and doesn\’t stain easily, but have ended up using them generally when I don\’t need to look smart (which is nearly all the time). As far as I can tell, they really are 100% linen as claimed.

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